Cafu: I’ve Named Russia As One of The Favourites For 2017 Confederations Cup

Former Brazilian captain Cafu has picked up Russia as one of the favourites of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. The 46 year old footballer stated home support and Russia’s upgraded performance will help them in making dream come true. He spent two days in Saint Petersburg and carried the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 trophy onto the pitch. Cafu is a two times World Cup winner who also won FIFA Confederations Cup in 1997 with Brazil.

Cafu FIFA Confederations Cup news

Russia are one of the favourites of Confederations Cup 2017

Cafu spoke to and he had a great conversation in which he revealed some of his best football moments. When asked about Brazil’s preparations for Confederations Cup 2013 and FIFA World Cup 2014, he said

“We took the preparations for the Confederations Cup very seriously. It was important to realize how capable we were of putting on such a large scale event. There was a huge buzz in the country. There are fewer stadiums in use at the Confederations Cup compared to the World, but the venues that hosted the tournament on that occasion proved they were fully prepared for the World Cup, and this made our task easier.”

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Cafu was also asked about his visit to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. About this, he said

“It was cold! But I’m always cold in Russia, so nothing unusual there. I had been to Russia before, so I knew what to expect. My first match here was a friendly between Russia and Brazil in 1996 in Moscow. It was a good game; I don’t remember all the details as it was so long ago, but I do recall we played out a 2-2 draw. For me, Russia is the first of all a country with a rich and interesting history. My second association is snow!”

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On asking about favorite of Confederations Cup, he said “I think the final will be Russia and Germany. I’ve named Russia as one of the favourites because the host nation always performs extremely well at these tournaments, in front of their own fans and swept along by a surge of optimism on all sides. Even though some Russian supporters don’t have a lot of faith in the success of their national team right now, it is not that important.”

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