FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Match Ball Name, Wallpapers

The official match ball of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 has been released. Adidas has unveiled the new ball that will be used in matches of FIFA Confd. Cup 2017 football championship. On 11 November 2016, the ball was released and its name is “Krasava”. Before watching this ball, we would like to recommend you to know prize money of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. Here we are providing you the HD wallpapers and other details of this Adidas Ball that will be used in pre-World cup tournament.

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Match Ball Name & Details

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Ball

Official Ball name: Krasava is the official ball of the competition which means “Beautiful“. This ball will be used for the first time during a friendly game between Russia and Romania.

The design of ball is combination of white with red applications. It is designed to stand out on the pitch featuring a unique pattern at the center. Official logo of the tournament is printed in black appearance along with black colored logo of Adidas trademark. Name of ball is also there in Black.

As the tournament will be hosted by Russia, for print on the upper surface of ball, its graphics are inspired by Russian Ruby and metaphorical jewel. In other words the word “Krasava” is used by the fans to describe a beautiful team performance full of creativity and flair.

Just like panels in FIFA World Cup 2014, the Adidas Krasava is also provided with six panels that adds extra beauty to the ball. Along with this the winter ball is also unveiled.

The winter ball is the color combination of orange and black with same pattern. Logos of Adidas and FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 are also marked on winter soccer ball.

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Ball Wallpapers

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Winter Ball

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Winter Ball

Confederations Cup 2017 Soccer Ball

Ball For FIFA Confd. Cup 2017

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Ball

So this is the new official match ball for FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. Do you have something to say about this latest Adidas soccer ball? Leave your review in the comment box below.

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