FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Total Prize Money Distribution

FIFA, the Governing body of football have announced the total prize money of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. It is expected that total of $20 million amount will be given to all teams based on their performances. The competition will be held in Russia from 17 June to 2 July 2017. Every team will get some amount of money if they fails to qualify for the knock out stage. Here we are providing you the complete prize distribution of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. So scroll down this page for more info.

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Prize Money

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Prize Money Distribution

Prize Money For Winners

The Champions of the competition will get a whopping amount of $4.1 million. Last time [FIFA Confederations Cup 2013] Brazil received an amount of $4 million being winner of the championship.

For Runners-up, Third Place and Semi finalists

About $3.6 million will be given to the runners-up of the competition. Third place team will also receive an amount of $3 million. Remaining semi finalist will get $2.5 million.

For Remaining Teams

Teams that do not advance to knock out round will get $1.7 million each which is a great amount. This means four teams will receive $6.8 million total.

Overall Distribution Compared To Last 2 Editions

Position Prize Money
Confd. Cup 2009 Confd. Cup 2013 Confd. Cup 2017
Winners $3.75 million $4.1 million $4.1 million
Runners-up $3.25 million $3.6 million $3.6 million
Third place $2.75 million $3 million $3 million
Semi finalist $2.25 million $2.5 million $2.5 million
5th Place $1.4 million $1.7 million $1.7 million
6th Place $1.4 million $1.7 million $1.7 million
7th Place $1.4 million $1.7 million $1.7 million
8th Place $1.4 million $1.7 million $1.7 million
Total $17.6 million $20 million $20 million

Note: All figures are in USD [United States Dollars]

The competition begins from 17th June in Russia. Defending Champions Brazil did not qualify. Total 16 games will be played throughout the tournament among the eight national football teams from 6 confederations. The teams are Russia, Germany, Portugal, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and Champion of Africa [TBD].

So that’s all about the prize money distribution of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. Hope you enjoyed this article. Which team you are supporting in this Clash of Champions?

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