FIFA Confederations Cup Is A Special Tournament, Says Gilberto Silva

Former Brazilian footballer, Gilberto Silva, who played two FIFA Confederations Cup editions and won both said something about the Tournament of Champions. While representing Brazil in Confederations Cup 2005 in Germany and 2009 in South Africa, they played lifted that trophy in both editions. Being a defensive midfielder, the Brazilian played 93 games for Brazil in which he scored 3 goals.

FIFA Confederations Cup Is A Special Tournament, Says Gilberto Silva

On 16th March, Silva was available with former Australian international Harry Kewell during a reunion media event. Silva then took the trophy onwards to New Zealand, joining Kiwi icon Ivan Vicelich.

When he was asked about Success behind winning both Confederation Cup editions, he replied “Hard work and dedication. You have to be aware that the Confederations Cup is a special tournament where you don’t have much time to rest. You have to be well prepared right from the start and focused on winning the title. You play against big teams with fantastic players, so if you’re not prepared you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.”

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On asking about just one moment from both editions, Silva said “The 2009 final against USA. We knew they were a tough opponent who could defend well, but like any team who face Brazil, they didn’t absolutely have to win. They scored twice in the first half, but we fought back after the break and won it late on. It was exciting because they caught us by surprise: we didn’t expect it to be easy but neither did we expect to go two goals down.”

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Gilberto Silva also named his favorite nations who are the strongest competitors of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. He said Germany and Portugal are the most favourites to win it as both teams won FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro, the two biggest competitions.


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