Krestovsky Stadium Of St. Petersburg Has Been Approved By FIFA

The all new Krestovsky football stadium of St. Petersburg, located in Russia has been approved by the football governing body FIFA. The stadium is one of the four hosting grounds of 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. It is also called as Zenit Arena that will be also used for the FIFA World Cup 2018 matches. It will host the first as well as the last game of upcoming Confederations Cup. You can also read 2017 Confederations Cup wiki.

Krestovsky Stadium Of St. Petersburg

So when 1st match will be played at Krestovsky stadium?

As the stadium is fully approved by FIFA, it can now host games. It will be first used for the Russian Premier League game in April. The stadium will host match between Zenit St. Petersburg and Ekaterinbug side FC Ural in the month of April 2017. It will be the 24th part of Russia Premier League 2016-17 games.

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What is the cost of its construction?

The stadium replaced Kirov stadium, means it is built on the location where the former Kirov Stadium used to stand. According to reports, the stadium costed about $1.1 to $1.4 billion. Its architectural project was won by Kisho Kurokawa’s “The Spaceship”. Its design is modified version of Toyota Stadium which is again designed by Kurokawa. It is

It will be the home ground of FC Zenit St. Petersburg and will be called as Saint Petersburg Stadium during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Which Confederations matches it will host?

Krestovsky stadium will host total of four Confederations Cup 2017 matches. Both opening and final games will be played here. Matches it will host are:

  1. Russia vs New Zealand: 17 June 2017 [Group game]
  2. African Champion vs Australia: 22 June 2017 [Group game]
  3. New Zealand vs Portugal: 24 June 2017 [Group game]
  4. Final: 2 July 2017

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