“Obese Tickets” For People Having BMI Equal To Or Exceeds 35 kg/m2 For 2017 Confederations Cup

People having BMI [Body Mass Index] equal to or exceeds 35 kg/m2┬ácan purchase Obese Tickets with a doctor’s note for matches of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 football tournament. The Governing body of Football, FIFA have introduced “Obese Tickets” for those who are “Obese”. Sale of FIFA Confederations Cup tickets have been started with a special tickets for special supporters. Prices of tickets have increased up to 25% as compared to that of last edition.

Special Tickets For Obese People In Confederations Cup 2017

Obese tickets info of Confederations cup 2017

For the first time, Special tickets have been introduced in FIFA Confederations Cup for those who wants to enjoy this tournament in a way they wants. On the official website of FIFA, it is defined that “People with a BMI that is equal to or exceeds 35 kg/m2“. Seats for these people are in easy access areas and are wider than normal seats.

During the ticket applications process, Obese people will be asked to provide a presentation of a signed doctor’s note stating the person’s BMI.

This invention will be seen as a trail version for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018. It could remain in next competitions of FIFA if it successfully marks a positive impact.

FIFA have claimed that they have sold 48,504 tickets in the pre sale period and the second phase will close on 5th April 2017.

The FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 begins on 17th June in Russia and the final will be played on 2nd July 2017. Russia, Germany and Champions from each of 6 confederation will be competing for the title. Keep on visiting the other pages of FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 live stream.

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