Russia Football Coach: We Have Changed Some Things And The Team Is Being Rebuilt

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 is on its way of kick off and the Russian Football team head coach Stanislav Cherchesov have revealed that they have made some changes in team. The Tournament of Champions will be featuring each of Confederations Champions along with World Cup winners and hosts. Russia have already started their preparations for the competition. The tournament is analysed by lots of Sports experts around the World as a rehearsal of FIFA World Cup. So let’s have a look what host nation coach said.

Russia football team coach Confederations Cup 2017

Stanislav Cherchesov: We Have Changed Some Things And The Team Is Being Rebuilt

During an interview with, the head coach of the nation said “We have changed some things and the team is being rebuilt. In our last match, there were four or five players aged 21-23 in the squad. There’s a natural process of renewal going on.”

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Being host nation of FIFA World Cup 2018, the country have already qualified for the finals. So they are playing friendly games during international break. Talking about the changes in team, he said

“When you’re putting a team together, it has to go through all the stages. It never happens that everything goes smoothly. We’ve lost games in the final moments and we’ve also had a poor defeat to Qatar. On the other hand, there have been last-minute victories as well. Everything is taking its course.”

When he was asked about playing against the Champions, he replied “Of course it’s important for the country. The fans are dreaming of seeing all these teams in Russia. It will be an acid test for the side, We need to test ourselves at the level of real champions and compare our degree of readiness to theirs.”


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