[VARs] Video Assistant Referees To Be Used In 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup Russia

In order to make FIFA games more accurate, Video Assistant Referees are expected to make debut in FIFA Confederations Cup 2017. FIFA President, Gianni Infantino have announced that the upcoming Tournament of Champions will be assisted with VARs. To decision has been taken for fair play and correct decisions. Not only in this tournament, VARs are also set to be used in FIFA Under 20 World Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

Video Assistant Referee in FIFA Confederations Cup

Gianni Infantino: We Will Use Video Assistant Referees In Confederations Cup 2017

The FIFA President had annual meeting of International Football Association Board [IFAB] at Wembley. After the meeting, he said “We will use it for sure in the Confederations Cup, the Under-20 World Cup and the Club World Cup. VAR is positive because it will allow the right decision to be taken in a game-changing circumstance.”

“That is our aim. I’m very confident. The signs are encouraging. The little hiccups we have seen are to do with the training of the referees, but they will be able to take decisions much faster when they use it more often.”

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President Gianni Infantino also added that Video Assistant Referees could be also seen in next edition of FIFA World Cup. The upcoming FIFA World Cup is scheduled to be held in Russia next year.

The English Football Association [FA] also wanted to test VARs at next season’s FA Cup third round.

Discussion on some other topics taken into account. FA Cup clubs will  be allowed to use fourth substitute during extra time from the quarter final round of FA Cup.

For historic reasons, the IFAB is made up of the Football Associations of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and four representatives from FIFA to represent the rest of the Football World. Each Association gets one vote and a three quarters majority is needed to make a change.

VARs will definitely help in taking right decisions under critical situations. Do you think it is a good initiative of FIFA? Let’s have a conversation about it below.

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